Leslie Rusgrove

Leslie Rusgrove


Leslie had been a doula for almost five years. She became interested in everything related to childbirth after the birth of her first child.

Later, when a close friend became pregnant she found herself wishing she had the skills to help her. With the encouragement of her husband Leslie began childbirth educator training, completed CBE certification and later went on to take doula training. She was thankfully able to assist her friend with her next two pregnancies.

Realising the need for unbiased birth support, Leslie is pleased to offer support in whatever type of birth the mother chooses. Her clients consider her to be a kind, loving, giving, caring person who is passionate about what she does in life.

With a love for God and her family, Leslie resides in Todd, NC with her husband, three children their large mixed breed dog, Wiley, who keeps them rolling in laughter!

If you want a doula that will be reliable, that you can definitely count on, Leslie is the person.

- Mrs. D